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Ellie is a clumsy, air-headed, single and young girl who has a fishy companion on her backyard pool. After a long and hard day Ellie might find out that the best company it's where she least expected.  


This story is something that our small group of 3 have been working for a few months so far. We hope that you enjoy this little project as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

WnS-ENG-SPA (windows) 119 MB
WnS-ENG-SPA (mac) 117 MB
WnS-ENG-SPA (Linux) 123 MB
WnS-Japanese (windows) 117 MB
WnS-Japanese (mac) 116 MB
WnS-Japanese (Linux) 122 MB

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WnS-ENG-SPA-DEMO (windows) 104 MB
WnS-ENG-SPA-DEMO (mac) 103 MB
WnS-ENG-SPA-DEMO (Linux) 108 MB

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Very short (like 10 mins), and I wish there were more backstory even if there isn't a plot per se (like, why is there a fish man living in her pool in the first place lol). But the cute art & focus on a female audience stands out from a lot of Patreon porn games. Looking forward to seeing more from your team.

The English version really needs some proofreading, though. I can give you a hand with that if you like. Feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter, @KimchiTea.

Also, your Linux archives have just .bz2 file exensions for some reason, when they should be .tar.bz2. Don't know if it makes a difference for all distros, but Ubuntu doesn't recognize them as archives unless I fix the extension. Not a huge deal, but just so you know.

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That thing you mention about the female audience is something that I really took in mind making it, I was so tired of the male POV in porn games that I wanted to make something about 2 characters equally, it makes me so happy that somebody notice it! Thank you so much for the feedback



I guess 2$ were worth. The story is short but doesn't matter,would loved to know more about the story if the "fish man" will have the ability to go in the city with her.


I wish there was more, but it is really cute and sweet.  I wouldn't mind reading this occasionally when I want a quick read.


Not bad not bad. Cute and charming characters, hot scenes. Only complaint is that it's too short.


I agree, wished there was more, the story is really cute. Not much is known about the characters though.


Hello there! I need to say that I really liked your game, and the Art is sooooo good. The story is really funny also. I'm hopping that the next update comes soon ❤❤❤

Thank you so much! The next update might be coming sooner than you expected 👀

Hope so


I love it!


Just did a video gameplay of Wet&Soft on my YouTube Channel✨😁😁

It not working for me and I gave u a $3 donation :(


We're so sorry to hear that! Would you mind to explain what exactly is not working well?

It was totally on my end and it working. I'm so happy it working because I'm going to record for YouTube.✨💖


Thank you so much! We suggest to add disclaimer as the final game might not be allowed on youtube because of the explicit content. If you upload a censored version feel free to tag us so we can share it

Of course, it will censored because YouTube sensitive lol and I will tag you. 


I want a sexy man fish in my pool.

Oh shit I don't have a pool. 


Oh, my GAWD! that was adorable!!!! <3

Fish looks like a puppy!


is this a motherfucking jojo reference?



Could you please add tux icon to the pc download?

It already contains working linux start script.


Done!, thanks for letting us know <3


Is it possible to make it work for Android (pretty please 😢)


It's a good suggestion, we'll definitely try


Unique and good art added with a cutesy story. Will wait for more. Oh and, if you don't mind it, could you split the PC and Mac version into two download options?

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sure! we'll take that in mind :D


Your art and backgrounds are great.  Is there going to another update to the demo. You kind of left us hanging lol.  Love it so far though


very cute and the art style is great wish there was more to the demo cant wait for the next public demo =3